Friday, 17 February 2012

So far so good

We currently have 26 surveys registered online and a lot more to go on after today's efforts.
Patricia Sumner and the "Street Talking" team from East Lindsey District Council engaged Louth residents in
the foyer of the Co-operative supermarket off Northgate. Free canvas shopping bags and survey forms were
handed out and Pat and her colleagues took the opportunity to raise awareness of the project,  thanks for all your help Pat!
We hope to have a presence in the Meridian Leisure centre this Sunday and possibly the foyer of B&Q
next week.
We  have now received the printed forms and freepost envelopes for doorstep distribution and 10 willing volunteers to deliver them in the next week to 10 it's all happening!
If you know someone that lives in Louth then please encourage them to do so, remember you can do it online at

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Online survey is live!

Here is the link to the survey form Louth Community Energy Survey

It only takes a few minutes, so please have a could win £100!

This is a copy of the printed survey form which will give you some idea of the questions you'll be asked.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The first LEAF of spring!

Sorry for the pun in the title, but the good news is that we have been successful in obtaining a grant through the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF). The grant of approximately £30,000 will allow us to commission the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to undertake and in depth study of Louth's housing stock. There will be the opportunity for households to win £100 in a free draw as a reward for completing a short survey on the energy saving aspects of their property  This information will enable us to assist local householders through:
* Advice and support on the most suitable energy saving technologies for their type of property.
* Possible negotiation of bulk buy rates for energy saving technology supplied under the "Green Deal".
* Providing a starting point for discussions on community owned renewable energy generation installations.

We are planning a series of media and public space awareness raising events which will explain in greater detail the scope and content of the report.

If you'd like more information please email or phone James on 01507 607252

Louth's energy future

Nearly every aspect of our lives relies on the most convenient forms of energy ever harnessed by man; bituminous coal, crude oil and natural gas. Our fantastic fossil fuels are portable, incredibly powerful and relatively cheap. Unsurprisingly, industry exploited these fuels to create previously un-imagined comforts for all those born into a culture of consumption and un-imagined wealth for the corporations that could provide for that culture.
So what's the problem?

* The global supply of affordable fossil fuel is dwindling as rapidly as the global demand for affordable fossil fuel is increasing.
*The conventional combustion of fossil fuels is releasing overwhelming amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, raising global temperatures and de-stabilising the climate.

 There is little doubt that our world is changing, economically, politically and climatically, as individual members of society it may seem hopeless to even begin preparing for change. But change is happening right now, right across the globe, if we stand still and wait to see how things are going to turn out for "us" without considering what could be done by "us" we shall be dealing with the stress and shock of rapid readjustment rather than a gradual transition to a less vulnerable, more sustainable, more resilient community.

Now depending how you view these things the future might seem full of possibilities or full of problems.
This blog is dedicated to the possibilities of the future, a future which will be low in carbon emissions and fossil fuels but high in human happiness and well being. Because gaining control of our community and the resources that it needs to function will be the most positive, life-affirming action we can take.

Do we have any other options?