Sunday, 5 February 2012

Louth's energy future

Nearly every aspect of our lives relies on the most convenient forms of energy ever harnessed by man; bituminous coal, crude oil and natural gas. Our fantastic fossil fuels are portable, incredibly powerful and relatively cheap. Unsurprisingly, industry exploited these fuels to create previously un-imagined comforts for all those born into a culture of consumption and un-imagined wealth for the corporations that could provide for that culture.
So what's the problem?

* The global supply of affordable fossil fuel is dwindling as rapidly as the global demand for affordable fossil fuel is increasing.
*The conventional combustion of fossil fuels is releasing overwhelming amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, raising global temperatures and de-stabilising the climate.

 There is little doubt that our world is changing, economically, politically and climatically, as individual members of society it may seem hopeless to even begin preparing for change. But change is happening right now, right across the globe, if we stand still and wait to see how things are going to turn out for "us" without considering what could be done by "us" we shall be dealing with the stress and shock of rapid readjustment rather than a gradual transition to a less vulnerable, more sustainable, more resilient community.

Now depending how you view these things the future might seem full of possibilities or full of problems.
This blog is dedicated to the possibilities of the future, a future which will be low in carbon emissions and fossil fuels but high in human happiness and well being. Because gaining control of our community and the resources that it needs to function will be the most positive, life-affirming action we can take.

Do we have any other options?

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