Friday, 17 February 2012

So far so good

We currently have 26 surveys registered online and a lot more to go on after today's efforts.
Patricia Sumner and the "Street Talking" team from East Lindsey District Council engaged Louth residents in
the foyer of the Co-operative supermarket off Northgate. Free canvas shopping bags and survey forms were
handed out and Pat and her colleagues took the opportunity to raise awareness of the project,  thanks for all your help Pat!
We hope to have a presence in the Meridian Leisure centre this Sunday and possibly the foyer of B&Q
next week.
We  have now received the printed forms and freepost envelopes for doorstep distribution and 10 willing volunteers to deliver them in the next week to 10 it's all happening!
If you know someone that lives in Louth then please encourage them to do so, remember you can do it online at

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